1. Bangladesh will accept humanitarian assistance/relief material from the interested governments of the friendly countries for the Rohingyas who fled from Myanmar and took shelter in Bangladesh.

2. Interested countries can provide with fund to the Government of Bangladesh or WFP, IOM, or ICRC.

3. If any country wants to provide with humanitarian relief material for the Rohingyas, such relief materials should reach to District Administration of Cox’s Bazar.

4. Relief materials need to be transported to Chittagong airport by air. Armed Forces Division (AFD)will coordinate receiving the relief materials at the Chittagong airport and arrange for transporting the goods to the warehouses designated by the Deputy Commissioner of Cox’s Bazar.

5. Deputy Commissioner of Cox’s Bazar (Mr. Md Ali Hosen, land phone: 0088034163200, mobile:008801713160093, e-mail: dccoxsbazar@mopa.gov.bd) is the focal point of receiving and distribution of relief material. Relief materials will be distributed by the Cox’s Bazar District Administration using established channel/mechanism and with the help of IOM, WFP and Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) as per existing practice. (Interested persons including expatriate Bangladeshi groups and organizations can contact this focal point for sending their goods.)

6. It will not be possible to allow officials/individuals of relief sending country to visit refugee/makeshift camps/temporary shelters or distribute relief material in person. At this moment, it is not possible to allow NGOs/Volunteers of relief sending countries to visit the Rohingya camps or take part in the aid distribution.

7. Food items in 5/10 Kg packs (rice, lentil, dry food, cooking oil and similar items), Biscuit, Tent, Blanket, Cloth, Water purifying tablets/portable units, Baby food etc. will be useful at this moment. 8. From practical point of view, the sending state while sending relief materials must consider following issues in advance:

(i) Information in advance (at least 5 working days before) of detail of the cargo-aircraft, date & expected time of arrival, date of departure, list & particulars of crews and other necessary information required to get air-flight clearance.

(ii) Details of the manifest and airway bill/bill of lading and estimated value of the goods for custom formalities need to be provided with in advance.

9. Interested private persons including expatriate Bangladeshis, groups and organization can channel their contribution to the Bank account of Cox’s Bazar District Administration and Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS):

a. Designated Bank account particulars of Cox’s Bazar District Administration:

Name of Account: Humanitarian Assistance to the Myanmar Citizen Illegally Migrated (Rohinga)

C/A no: 33024625.
Sonali Bank Limited
Cox’s Bazar Branch
Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

b. Designated Bank account particulars of Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS):

10. The focal point of the Bangladesh High Commission, London is:
Mohammmad Monirul Islam Kabir
First Secretary (Welfare)
Phone: 02075817418 ext-209
Mobile: 07730407708
e-mail: fs1@bhclondon.org.uk